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Start-up funding for 1996 has been provided by the Star Tribune/Cowles Media Foundation. Computer facilities for Minnesota E-Democracy activities are donated by the Twin Cities Free-Net, MR.Net and the Minneapolis Telecommunications Network. The League of Women Voters assists in managing the electronic debate. Metronet and the provide additional support. Minnesota E-Democracy is a tax exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Service code 501(c)(3).

Do you want to help?
Become a supporting member for $19.96.
You won't get any coffee mugs, pins, or magazines. (Since we're not giving you anything, we thought we should at least make the amount fun). You will be helping the best attempt at using the Internet to increase citizen participation in politics, public policy and government. You will get a nice thank you letter, and it is tax deductable. Just send your check to:

Minnesota E-Democracy
2718 24th Street East
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

Do it now, the price goes up one cent on January 1,1997!

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Minnesota E-Democracy at:
by writing us at:
E-Democracy, 2718 East 24th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406
or by calling us at:

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