Minnesota-Politics-Announce Description and Submission Guidelines

Minnesota E-Democracy and Minnesota Regional Network (MRNet) are pleased to offer MN-POLITICS-ANNOUNCE@MR.Net (MNPA), a moderated Internet e-mail list for wide distribution of important announcements related to public affairs and events in Minnesota.  This special non-discussion list will have only a few messages each day on average.

MNPA is the online place to receive and contribute text-only e-mail announcements like:

MNPA encourages postings from a diverse array of organizations active in Minnesota public affairs.  These include public issue oriented associations, media and online news services, campaigns and political parties, government, and research and academic organizations.

Additional guidelines for submission will be developed based on future list experience.  Of special interest in 1997 and 1998 will be announcements related to the 1998 election for Governor.

If your organization would like to be a special content provider, send an e-mail about your interest to:

MNPA is part of Minnesota E-Democracy's family of e-mail discussion lists (MN-POLITICS and MN-POLITICS-DIGEST).  MN-POLITICS is the heart of ongoing online discussion about Minnesota politics.  Established in 1994, it continues as the largest regional public issues e-mail based discussion forum in the world.

ALL messages to MNPA will be automatically sent to subscribers of the discussion oriented MN-POLITICS list and digest.  The MNPA list moderators ( will not post general discussion messages sent to the announcement list and reserve the right to forward/not forward messages as appropriate.


To subscribe to MN-POLITICS-ANNOUNCE, send an electronic mail message to:

The content of the message should read:
    subscribe mn-politics-announce

OR to subscribe to MN-POLITICS (which includes discussion and announcements) for the full interactive experience with the content below instead:

    subscribe mn-politics

OR to receive discussion and announcement postings in a digest format (great for lurkers), instead write:

    subscribe mn-politics-digest

Detailed information, including our important discussion RULES and GUIDELINES and a full posting archive is on the WWW at: