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Minnesota Gubernatorial E-Debate - Oct. 2006 » Blog Archive » SAQ9 - Online Safety - Tim Pawlenty - R

SAQ9 - Online Safety - Tim Pawlenty - R

Short Answer Question 9 - Protecting people online – from privacy to identity theft to child protection online – how do grade Minnesota’s performance with ensuring public safety online? Any future proposals?

Tim Pawlenty

Response from Tim Pawlenty:

New laws and investments have strengthened online safety by cracking down on child porn cases through new investigative staff and increased penalties. We’ve also worked to protect Minnesotans against identity theft through increased penalties for identity/mail theft, computer hacking, restrictions on use of telephone records or social security numbers, and required notice of security breaches. Future plans include biometric technology, drivers’ license facility audits, restricted use of personal data and increasing felony internet crimes involving children.

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