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E-Democracy.Org is your organization.  We are a non-profit (501c.3) and volunteer-based.  Help us reach more citizens by promoting effective online citizen participation.

Your donation will help us deepen and expand our non-partisan online civic activities and help us share our model around the world.  It will allow us to involve more volunteers and reach people of all political stripes and diverse backgrounds.

And we aren't just for Minnesota anymore. Active citizens anywhere are invited to start local E-Democracy Chapters and our U.S. election information portal is one of our most popular sections.

Donate online, make a pledge via our comment form or simply write a check to "Minnesota E-Democracy" and mail it to E-Democracy.Org, 3211 East 44th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406.  Contributions are tax deductible. 

Donor Levels
Donations to E-Democracy.Org are tax-deductible.

E-Citizens - FREE
Basic participation in E-Democracy.Org is free.  We consider any subscriber to any of our e-mail forums or a regular web site visitor to be an E-Democracy participant.  We are all e-citizens and no fee will ever be required to participate. 

E-Supporter - $20 - $50
We encourage E-Citizens who believe in our non-partisan, issue-neutral interactive mission to support our joint efforts. We recommend a yearly donation of $50/25GBP or more based on your ability to pay. Our student/senior/low-income recommended donation level is $20/10GBP a year.  No donation is required to participate nor does donor status establish special privileges.  You may designate a portion of your donation to a specific local forum/chapter.

E-Leader - $51 - $200
Help build the foundation of E-Democracy.  At this level you may
dedicate funds (over the E-Citizen base of $25) to support the development of specific organizational initiatives.

E-Sponsor - $200 - $999
Individual donations providing core support to the mission and future of E-Democracy.Org

E-Sponsor Hero - $1000+
Major individual donations deserving special recognition.

E-Civic Organization - Under $1000
Those organizations providing monetary or in-kind contributions to support the general activities of E-Democracy.

E-Civic Organization Sponsor - $1000 - $9999
Those organizations providing substantial monetary or in-kind support for development and special projects of E-Democracy.

E-Civic Organization Gold - $10,000+
Those organizations providing core support for general and expanding activities of E-Democracy.  Organizations providing support at this level three years in a row will enter the E-Democracy Hall of Fame.

The Minnesota E-Democracy Board reserves the right to return or refuse a donation upon a formal statement of cause or rationale.

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